Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a highly effective, long term solution to unwanted hair growth almost anywhere on your body.

A laser can destroy a hair follicle and prevent hair from ever growing back. The latest technology enables treatment of very course, dark hair and fine, lighter hairs, on a variety of skin tones to be treated safely, more effectively, and with less discomfort than with other technologies that have been traditionally used. It will also reduce even very fine, light, gray and red hair, which is not possible with other technologies.

How do I know it’s right for me?
During an initial consultation we’ll discuss whether or not laser hair removal is right for you, complete a medical questionnaire, and if you feel you want to go ahead, we’ll also do a patch test. This patch test allows you to experience how the pulses will feel during the treatments and it confirms that the treatment is safe for your skin. This initial consultation is the perfect time to ask lots of questions.

How does Laser hair removal work?
Pulses of light energy are used to heat the target area which causes heating of the hair follicle, disrupting the cells at the base where the hair forms. This heating is counteracted by the cooling tip applied to the skin throughout the treatment. The result is a gradual reduction in hairs re growing after several treatments.

Will my hair grow back after my treatment?
Long term results of Laser hair removal are achieved in a series of treatment sessions. In between treatments some of your other hair will grow back as hair that was dormant during your previous session may now be in the growth phase. As your treatment course progresses you will notice fewer hairs appearing, these will be finer than before and slower to grow. You can shave the area as often as you feel the need between sessions.

Are maintenance treatments necessary?
Each person is unique, but many find that maintenance treatments done once or twice a year are ideal for maintaining results after completing the initial treatment course.

Does laser hair removal hurt?
The latest technology enables hairs to be treated safely, more effectively, and with less discomfort than with other technologies that have been traditionally used. Although the skin is cooled, laser light produces heat, so you will feel some kind of sensation during your hair removal treatment. Some areas of the body are understandably more sensitive than others and this is taken into account.

What happens to the skin after laser hair removal?
Your skin may be a little pink after treatment and this is a normal reaction. The colour change is due to the area being heated and it is temporary because the laser does not damage the skin. These skin reactions usually subside in a few hours.

Does laser hair removal cause scarring?
No, the risk of scarring from laser hair removal is minimal and a patch test is always done to ensure you skins reaction is normal.

How many treatments?
While the number for treatments varies from person to person, and on the area being treated, it’s good to have an idea of what to expect from the beginning.

On arms and legs, most people find they need around 6 treatments, on bikini and under arm usually 8 treatments. Facial areas (in particular upper lip and chin) can be more stubborn and can require more sessions due to the larger number of hair follicles in the skin on the face. It should also be taken into account that people with hormonal imbalances or people who normally wax may require more sessions.

Can I have laser hair if I have a natural sun tan or fake tan?
No. A tan is an increase of pigment in your skin and this would increase the risk of damage to your skin.

How should I treat my skin after a laser hair removal treatment?
Treat your skin with care, but you’re fine to carry on with your day. Full after care advice will be given at your initial consultation.

When will my hair fall out after each laser hair removal treatment?
The treated hair is pushed out of the skin and will gradually fall out after each session, but this can happen any time between 3 days and 3 weeks, so it’s not always noticed due to the next cycle of hairs growing through.

What areas are treated by laser?
All areas of the face and body; apart from eyebrows, eyelashes, inside ears and inside nostrils.

Who is the best candidate for laser hair removal?
You may be a candidate for laser hair removal if you have:

  • Hair that is darker than your skin colour
  • Hair that is not reddish in colour
  • No known hyper-sensitivity to light
  • No skin sensitivity causing medications


Single Course of 6
Very Small Area

Upper Lip, Chin, Ears, Glabella, Nose,

Cleavage, Nipples, Linea Nigra,

Fingers, Toes.


£30 £150
Small Area

Upper Lip + Chin, Sideburns,

Half Neck, Jaw Line,

Upper Cheeks, Hair Line,

Under Arms, Knees, Hands + Fingers,

Feet + Toes.


£45 £225
Medium Area

Lower Face, Full Neck, Forehead,

Standard Bikini, Lower Arms,

Lower Back, Abdomen,

Shoulders, Buttocks, Breasts.


£60 £300
Large Area

Full Face, Extended/Full Designer Bikini

Lower Legs, Full Arms,

Upper Back, Chest.


£85 £425
Very Large Area

Full Legs, Full Back, Chest + Abdomen.


£120 £600


Consultation + Patch Test FOC


Patch testing and consultation with assessment of hair growth is required before first treatment.